Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beyond the Corkscrew

Over 150,000 people a day drop from sight in New Jersey as they wind their way beneath the Hudson River via the Lincoln Tunnel. The Corkscrew ramp (also called "the Helix") is nearly always bumper-to-bumper with cars anxiously waiting to pay their toll - (currently $8 per car). Here's a classic snapshot from wikipedia.

See the tiny blue patch on the upper right? That's the Hudson river. Well, sure, it's just a tiny part of the Hudson. But that's about the size of it for most commuters. The river is an obstacle and the cause of their stop-and-go delay.

Here's an example of what they're missing. The wonder of the midtown skyline from the shores of Weehawken, New Jersey. That strip of land just beyond the Helix is like a holiday.

I offer a suggestion. Get off the highway, drive over to the river side, park your car, and take the ferry. A friend made me do that one day, and it changed the drudgery of yet-another-meeting-in-manhattan to an amusement park ride. There's nothing like ending your day with a 15 minute boat tour across the Hudson. Your tax dollars helped build a comfortale $53M three story Ferry terminal with frequent boats that can lift you to several spots on the isle of Manhattan. Morning or night, you can't beat the view.

For visitors, there's a hotel (Sheraton) with a ferry stop 20 steps from the front door. It's a little cheaper than staying in the city, with better views, and just as convenient.

No, I don't own stock in the ferry company nor the Sheraton. I'm just trying to explain why I have so many photos from the wilds of Weehawken - beyond the Helix.


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