Friday, July 24, 2009

Irrational baseball fever

Raised in Cleveland, I have an irrational affinity for baseball. Cleveland's team has not been a World Series winner for over 60 years. Every year there's a glimmer of hope., and ... yeah, I know, it's all been said before. More influential is that I played the game too. Little League. Corporate Softball. And I don't anymore.

Given that I also have an irrational affinity for taking photos, baseball photos occasionally pop up in my flickr stream. They pop up more than they survive. Hmm... I sense a digression.

Sure, many photos don't survive long in my flickr photo stream. The stuff that stays is popular. Part the flickr deal that's fun is when people wander through your photo stream. So I believe that the stuff that's there should serve as entertainment for visitors. Therefore, only the most popular photos survive. If there are lots of favs, it has a chance of survival. If it's referenced in a blog or article, it's guaranteed to survive. Otherwise, whish, it's gone. Irrational? Perhaps, but then again we've already established that I'm irrational.

So, back to baseball. I post baseball photos that I love, and the flickr crowd doesn't respond. (sigh). I just can't figure it out. So a handful of those less than popular shots stay in my stream regardless of what you think:


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