Friday, July 10, 2009

My Tree at Dusk

Nobody likes commuting. Whether you admit it or not, you use a bit of courage to take that first step out of your home into the real world. Sometimes I've discovered myself on autopilot - making it to the office without remembering which route I took!

But grab a camera, and the chore becomes an adventure. Everything is fresh! How would that old brick building look in a frame? Hey, when did they put horses in that field? I'll stop for a moment and see if I can get them to smile for the camera. If I drive down this side-street, how would the sky look?

That's the simple story behind this photo. Driving home after a long day at work, I stopped for a moment and decided that this view was kinda' spectacular, and it could change my day.

Today, if you look up "tree" on flickr, for some reason this photo comes up on the front page. And dozens of people click on it each day. Pretty cool. If only every success was this simple.


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