Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not playing by flickr's rules

I've been blackballed by flicker Explore. It began almost a year ago.

How do I know? I mean, since nobody outside of flickr HQ really knows what explore is all about (check out all of the articles about it). It' s a mysterious algorithm they wrote to capture the most "interesting" photos in flickrland. They say it has something to do with how many times your photo is referenced, fav'd, or just how cool it is.

In flickr's kingdom, Explore is a crowning achievement. People wear their explore success on their chests like war medals.

I have a relaxed attitude about it, and that's the reason I'm banned from it. You see, I like to keep my flickr photo stream small and high quality. So I regularly prune photos out. These days I'm only keeping photos that other
s have published on the web, in magazines, or in books. Others .. if they remain unreferenced ... will disappear within a few weeks.

Since this has little to do with what flickr thinks is interesting, I ended up removing many photos they published in Explore. About half.

I thought this was kinda' funny, so I posted an image that showed what was going on. (You can get a poster of your own photos in explore from
http://www.bighugelabs.com). Prior to that, most of my flickr contributions made it somewhere in Explore. After I published the image below - nothing has made their list.

I think that's ok, because there are lots of people who care
much more about it than I do. Most times I don't care. Other days it feels a bit Orwellian to me (big brother is watching).

Anyway, here's the photo that got me banned from Flickr Explore. The w
hite spaces are photos I've deleted from my stream....


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