Friday, August 7, 2009

Travel Photos

Sure, I know what normal travel photos look like. The shots above and below prove that.

The above is from Marienbruecke (Mary's Bridge) above King Leo's never-finished Neuschwanstein Castle (thanks to TSK who helped with the above). Unlike his father, Leopold was an acknowledged nut case. He was King of Bavaria when Bavaria was busy dissolving. He grew up below in a magical palace called Hohenshwangau - the castle on Swan Lake.

Now, honestly, if your daddy owned property like this in a scene like that, would you waste billions of taxpayer money on a brand new castle? I wouldn't. Anyway, King Leo and Bavaria ran out of money and time anyway. So the beautiful Neuschwanstein was never finished.

Well, back to my point. Pretty pictures, eh? I just got back from Bavaria, and I realized that I don't yet have much like the above two photos to showcase yet. Instead, I posted much less grand but almost-as-interesting photos.

Weird, huh? Interesting. Perhaps even enjoyable. But certainly not normal travel photos. I worry that I'm missing some of the real wonder of these places. But then I see the below kinds of things appear in the camera, and perhaps there's a bit of normal tourist photographer buried in my head as well.

It takes a while to collect the junk from my camera and make it look presentable. So there's more to come from this trip. Some even normal travel photo kinds of stuff. But it'll take a while for all of it to boil out.


Kim B. said...

Love this. One of these days must consider doing something similar - or not - in the meantime I'll enjoy yours. I like your eye, there are plenty of "normal" travel shots around.

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