Monday, October 19, 2009

Country Road - Fall Colors

Just a few fall photos.  Using a large font to spare the eyes from extraneous words.  The photos are the idea here.

The drainage ditch in our parking lot (Middletown, NJ) at work was clogged.   Created a tiny pond.   I dawdled a few minutes on the way into the building to take this.   Hint - it's upside down.

This is a driveway I found on the way into work.  Careful observers may suspect that this looks a little like the same spot shown in the Springsteen posting below.   Correct.  It's not actually a road.  It's a driveway.

This is the Delaware Water gap.  My son and I hiked up Mount Tammany (straight ahead in New Jersey) and then came across the river and hiked a bit of the Appalachian Trail up Mount Minsi (this side - in Pennsylvania).   I might have overdone the postprocessing.  Just a little enthusiastic overblurring.  But it was a bit of over-hiking, so it's a match.


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