Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stalking Bruce

I'll admit that I'm not quite a fully-certified Joisey dude yet.  I've been here a long time, yet ya' can't say you're authentically from Jersey unless you've seen Springsteen in concert.   Well, tonite I'm finally getting indoctrinated.  I got tickets for the show as a gift.

So, in acknowledgment, here are a few not-quite-stalking fotos that I'm a bit ashamed to post.   Gotta' have something better to do with my time than stalking, eh?

Since I covered this earlier, here's just a tiny thumbnail of Freehold's  main street.   This is the "whitewashed windows" town he bashed in the song My Hometown.   As you can guess from his songs, he split out of town as soon as he could.   Trivia:  the local high school library hides the yearbook from his graduation year in the back - off the shelf.

Greetings from Asbury Park:  This was the title of one of his early success albums.  Asbury, once a grand tourist destination, fell into disrepair in the 70s, roughly coinciding with Springsteen's rising success.     Throughout the decades, though, the Merry-go-round continued to spin.  It was one of the first amusements built there and one of the last to go.  It was boxed up and sent to Biloxi, Mississippi in '89 and shut down  about 10 years later - when the carousel was broken up and sold in parts.  Springsteen played in local clubs in Asbury Park - helping make the Stone Pony famous for example, and he still shows up once in a while to play. 

Rumor has it that he still lives in the area with a place in upscale Rumson and a farmhouse in Colts Neck.   This little white picket fenced farm sits across the street from one of his homes, while this fall scene is purportedly the driveway up to his farmhouse.

"Sprung from Cages on Highway 9" gives an image of rowdy engines tearing an escape path along an asphalt gash.  True, Route 9 is a suburban beast of a road.   Now it's not so much a symbol of escapism as it is a victim of consumerism.  But it has its moments.  Here's a drive-by photo what Jersey looks like from the Raritan River Bridge.   No, I wasn't driving.  I was the passenger.   Also, it's not quite Route  9.  This is from the adjacent Garden State Parkway (Driscoll) bridge.  But close enough.

So ... indoctrination tonite.


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